Welcome to my class,
My name is Techo Vincent Powoh and I am here to help you succeed in the courses I teach. This website is set up to meet this aim by providing online support to the face-to-face instruction you receive in the classroom. My wish is to see you get the most out of my teaching. I, therefore, provide you with the opportunity to experience my lessons from varying perspectives.  
There is a page on this website for you, my student, to use as an online classroom where you will study the same content that we encounter in the physical classroom. To go to that page, click on the "Visit Online Classroom" button below and select the subject you want to study. Be sure to complete all the online activities (some are graded!
Thank you.
Educational Philosophy & Objectives

I subscribe to a holistic educational philosophy where it is imperative for all individuals to get educated—whether formally or informally. With this philosophical stance, it is, therefore, necessary that all students benefit from instruction no matter what obstacles stand in their way.

  My objective as an instructor is to instill the sense of creativity, fluid intelligence and critical thinking in students.   Students should not be given ‘fish’ but taught ‘how to fish.’  To accomplish this, learning environments must be practical, creative, enjoyable, and simulate real-life situations.  I believe that each and every student has some hidden potential in them.  Thus, our mission as educators should be to help students realize and bolster up these hidden aptitudes.

Below are some strategies that I utilize to accomplish these goals,  as per my educational philosophy;

Multiple Representations...
...Do it in many different ways

Students vary in their abilities, interests, and learning styles. For this reason, it is important that more than one method of delivery is utilized in order for all students to be able to gain an understanding of the subject matter.  In my lessons, I  employ multiple representations approaches by getting students present ideas symbolically, numerically, graphically, and verbally.  This approach entails the use of varied class activities to stimulate student learning. For instance, one student may be good at numeracy but not verbalism while another is good at verbalism but not numeracy. If class activities are part verbal and part numerical, they would benefit both students equally.

Individualized, Customized ​Learning Plans
Creativity as the focus

Building from the premise that diversity in the classroom can be addressed through differentiated instruction, lesson plans can be customized to meet each individual student's needs. This strategy can be more effective with homework assignments and other out-of the-class activities. Creative objectives higher on Bloom's taxonomy remain the ultimate goal. However, the type of creativity and the level of creativity expected from each student cannot be the same. Thus, individualized plans are made for each of my students and customized to meet their individual learning needs. In particular, in the case of students with special education needs (SEN), provision is made so that they also benefit from instruction.

Differentiated Instruction:
Different Students, Different

As the topic sub-heading indicates, different students require different instructional approaches due to differences in preferred learning styles, differences in aptitudes, and differences in experiential, cultural and domestic backgrounds.  Therefore, it is imperative that the instructor tailors their instruction to obtain maximum goal attainment from all students. Depending on the type and degree of diversity in the classroom, I may employ differentiated strategies such as content differentiation, process differentiation, product differentiation, or even differentiation through the environment. With effective differentiation, it is certain that every student leaves every class having acquired something new, as stipulated by the essential principles of effective instruction.

Technology integration...
..Reinvent the classroom

In order to meet all of the above educational objectives, the classroom cannot remain the traditional teacher-talks-the-student-listens type. New ways must be actively sought after to engage, motivate, and inspire students in every lesson.  This can effortlessly be accomplished by integrating technology into the lesson.  It is for this reason that I became interested in technology and want to be actively involved in learning new educational technologies. It is my quest for these new technologies that landed me in the MEd in instructional technology program. Studying in this program, I have come to the realization that technology not only substitutes traditional instruction but also helps to augment, modify and ultimately reinvent the classroom.

Exams coming up soon!!

Examinations for this quarter (Q3) begin on  17th, April 2019.

You must have Graphing Calculators available for use at all exams!

Physics Exams
(Wednesday 11th) 

Physics Exams will cover mainly the following topics:

  • Kinematics

  • Dynamics

  • Circular motion 

  • Gravitation

  •  Work & Energy 

  • Momentum & Impulse

  • Rotational Motion


Calculus Intro

(Thursday 12th)

Calculus Intro exam will cover mainly topics in Trigonometry (Ch. 5, 6, 7).

You are allowed to prepare one-page notes to bring to this exam!! 





Calculus BC

(Wednesday 11th)

Calculus BC  exam will mainly cover topics in Integral Calculus (Ch. 5, 6, 7)





Students' Voices


"I studied physics in Mr. Techo's class in 2015-2016  at Shanghai International Studies University. Mr. Techo usually used different ways to make us understand the physics. He was our favorite teacher."

Thomas from SISU


"Mr. Techo has a great impact on my life. I will never forget how he encouraged me to work harder in physics and never to give up. After he told me the words ' Winners never quit and quitters never win', I made up my mind never to give up after a little failure. Thank you, sir."

Chris from Wuxi


"This is my second year of learning Physics in this class. With a good understanding of physics, I usually have fun and learn a lot. Games are provided to us for reviewing, and I have to say that the websites really work, because they not only require us to better understand the challenging chapters, but also give us a lot fun, which is rare in my studying life. Thanks to Mr. Vinny's great idea, so that we could achieve more in physics learning. "


Ricardo  from VIA@SFLS


" The thing I admired most about Vinny that will help me in life is  his positive attitude and  motivation. Even Vinny is disabled but he still try his best to be our best teacher."

Mike from Ningbo

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