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As educators, improving student learning is fundamental to what we do. Therefore, the driving question that is answered in this culminating project focuses directly on improving student learning: 

How can we, as educational technology experts, design and implement research supported technology-based learning experiences that improve student learning? 

This project is an action-based research project in which a learning issue in students—as well as an instructional issue—was identified.  The researcher then found a technology-based solution for the issue. Evidence was drawn from academic resources, literature review, to support the use of the technology-based solution in the classroom. The researcher then applied the research and implemented the educational technology solution in the classroom to determine its efficacy with students through data collection and research. The data was interpreted to analyze the implications from the data collected. A conclusion is drawn with future recommendations and revisions in a reflective essay. 


University of Maryland Global Campus
Dr. Timothy Green


Project Completion Stages

The current project was completed in the following five phases:

  • Phase 1: Identification of the Educational Problem and a Proposition of a Solution,

  • Phase 2: Creation of Objectives and Assessment Materials,

  • Phase 3: Development of an Implementation Plan,

  • Phase 4: Preparation of the Environment and Implementation of Solution, and 

  • Phase 5: Documenting Project Outcomes and Recommending Revisions.

A brief description of each phase of the project is on the page titled: "Project Phases"​


Project Description (Video)